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The Directory List

The aim of this page is to give parents and carers links to both local and national services across the country. Plymouth Parent Partnership are not responsible for the contents of any external website. If you find an inappropriate link please contact us with the details.

ableize - This is a national Disability resource directory of disabled aids, support products, services and advice. The website is owned and run by people with Disabilities.

Carers Direct Directory - Information, advice and support for carers provided by the National Health Service.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) (PDF - 176 KB) - A directory of Services June 2010.

Directory of Medical Conditions - A comprehensive list of medical conditions and disabilities, with additional information on support groups that are available.

Parent Know How - The Parent Know How programme is a central government initiative which aims to give Parents know how on how to find out information and support to help the family.

Plymouth Directory for Young People - Plmyouth is an online directory that brings together information about services, activities, support and guidance for young people, aged 13-19 years, across Plymouth.

Plymouth Library Online Catalogue - This is an online 24 hour library service where you can find resourses held with the Plymouth Library Service. These include books, DVDs Videos and much, much, more.

Plymouth Mental Health Directory (PDF - 2.3MB) - This directory is aimed at anyone who needs to find out about support and information in the areas of mental illness, mental health and emotional wellbeing either because of personal experience, as a carer or as a provider of services.

Plymouth NHS - A comprehensive lists of services provided by the Plymouth Teaching Primary Care Trust.

Plymouth Online Directory - This offers information about advice, help and support services for people in the Plymouth area.

Plymouth and National Disibility Sport - If you are looking for organisations that promote disability sport or those that can offer advice and support for people with disabilities, please contact Plymouth City Council's Sports and Recreation team on 01752 307013 or via email at:

Plymouth Schools Directory - A list of all schools in Plymouth and their contact details.

Plymouth Sports Facilities Directory - A directory of sports facilities across Plymouth indicating the facilities each offers, opening times, contact details and a location map for each venue.