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Parent Know How Programme

Plans to improve the provision of information and support to parents through Parent Know-How were announced by then Education Secretary Alan Johnson in Every Parent Matters, published on 15 March 2007. Listed below are the websites that were set up to support this Programme

  • ACE Education Advice - ACE provides independent advice for parents and carers of children aged 5-16 in state-funded education through information available from their website. Please note ACE are no longer able to provide a telephone support line.
  • Child Line - You can talk to Child Line about anything - no problem is too big or too small. If you are feeling scared or out of control or just want to talk to someone you can call Child Line on 0800 1111.
  • Contact a Family - Contact a Family is the only UK-wide charity providing advice, information and support to the parents of all disabled children - no matter what their disability or health condition. We also enable parents to get in contact with other families, both on a local and national basis. Each year we reach at least 275,000 families.
  • - Looking for advice for Dad-related issues? This site has lots of advice on everything from supporting your pregnant partner to tips on how to keep your head when everything seems a bit much to deal with.
  • Dads' Space 1-2-1 - Dads’ Space 1-2-1 allows dads and their kids to keep in touch. Share photos, email, chat, send gifts and cards, and play games online.
  • Family Lives - Family Lives is a national charity that works for, and with, parents. We know that parents want to do the best they can for their children, but sometimes family life can be challenging and difficult. There is after all, no one right way to parent.
  • Got a Teenager - For anyone with a teenager in their life. Join for parent-to-parent support, informal advice, useful information and a community of other parents dealing with the same issues as you.
  • Netmums - Netmums is a unique local network for Mums (or Dads), offering a wealth of information on both a national and local level.
  • Oneplusone - One Plus One is a team of researchers, practitioners and information specialists whose aim is to enhance understanding of how family relationships contribute to the well being of adults and children by strengthening relationships.
  • One Space - A website for single parents Find information and ideas to help you with the best, yet most challenging job – being a single parent. Join online groups to share the load with other lone parents. Whether you’re pregnant, have toddlers or teenagers, are separated, divorced, widowed or have chosen to go it alone, this site is for you.
  • Parenting UK - Parenting UK, formed in 1995, is a membership organisation for those who offer parenting services, promoting quality provision in the field. They support the development of good practice at all levels by offering a range of services.

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